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With your donation to the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation we come a step closer to our vision where all youth  have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents – giving them hope and allowing them to chart their own future and contribute to society. All donations – big and small – make a significant difference to the young people we reach through our programs. The fact box provides information on how little it costs to help change lives.

Your donation to Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation is transformed to education, health and an environment of creativity for young people in Africa. Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation has always considered it to be incredibly important to follow every Crown donated and witness the resultant impact our program has on the young people taking part.

Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation has a 90-account and is therefore guaranteed by the Swedish Fundraising Control.

There are several ways to support the foundation – choose the option that best works for you.

Thank you for making a difference with us!

Examples of costs in the Kenswed-model

250 SEK = cost per month for a female student accommodated at the boarding school including breakfast, dinner, hygiene items, security and a loving supervisor​

550 SEK = cost per month for a student attending Kenswed, including teachers, teaching, classrooms, equipment and water​

​800 SEK= cost for all (300) students to receive breakfast and lunch a day​

11 000 SEK = annual cost of university scholarship for a student including social support​

50 000 SEK = Kenswed Hospital’s monthly cost of operation, including salaries, medicine, water, sanitation and materials

250 000 SEK = operating costs for a class for one year at Kenswed Academy including teachers, classrooms, equipment, water​

*All costs are exclusive of collection and administrative costs, the currency can also increase costs​


Your monthly donation makes you a Hero by allowing us to, around the clock all year long, reach our goal of providing our students the opportunity to chart their own futures. As a Hero you contribute to ensuring students have food during the school day, and making sure Kenwood schools have teachers, classrooms and facilities. Through your donations our most vulnerable students have a bed to sleep in and our schools have clean water.
As a Hero, you safeguard not only that we are there today for our students, but also tomorrow. Every day we strive to make sure our students have a better life, and through your continuous support we can implement long term solutions, allowing us to work more efficiently, where an even larger share of funding goes directly to that purpose.

Become one of our Heroes today. Simply provide the required information and choose your preferred payment method and the amount that you want to contribute. You can cancel or change your monthly donation at any time by sending an email to
We always protect your personal privacy when managing your personal information.

Thank you for being a Hero!


Giving a one-time donation is an easy way to contribute to the foundation’s work. If you would like a gift certificate to give away as a birthday present or other celebration, please email us at Give a gift that makes a real difference!


A fun and simple way to contribute to ZBF is to start your own fundraiser. Maybe get your friends involved and raise money in connection with an adventure, or in connection with a celebration like your birthday or wedding? Facebook makes it possible for you to easily start your own fundraiser where you choose ZBF as the beneficiary organization. You can find more information on Facebook, or send your questions to


In Kenya 300 SEK is equivalent to food during a whole school day for 110 students, 800 SEK for 300 students. By giving a donation of 315 SEK or more, we will turn it into food for our students in Africa, so they have the possibility to complete their studies. To express our appreciation we will send you one of our fashionable leather bracelets. These are available in black, brown, natural, grey, blue, marron and dark green available in sizes 18, 20 and 22 cm. The black bracelet is also available in 16 cm.

Or choose our special edition model in our orange Eurovision-bracelet available in sizes 20 and 22.

When making your donation, please send an e-mail to and provide your address and the preferred size and color of the bracelet.


Name of account: Insamlingsstiftelsen Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation
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