When you give a gift to the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation, we come one step closer to our vision that all adolescents will have the opportunity to discover and develop their talents so that they feel hope and can contribute to their own and their society’s future. All gifts, big and small, make a big difference to the young people who are reached by our programs. To the right you can see how little it costs to be involved in changing lives.

One of Måns and Jonas’ primary ideas when they started ZBF was the importance of traceability and being able to follow the collected money all the way from start to finish. This is one of our core values and therefore control, transparency and close proximity to the program activities are something we always strive for. For us, it is essential that you can feel confident that your contribution makes as much difference as possible for the young people in our programs.

There are several ways to support us and you can choose the option that suits you best.

Examples of what
your support can do

€25 = cost per month for a student to attend Kenswed including teachers, classrooms, equipment, water and food.
€50 = cost per month for a female student to attend Kenswed and get accommodation at the boarding school including accommodation, teachers, classrooms, equipment, water and food.
​€45 = all (299) students receive lunch one day
€1 500 = annual cost for a university scholarship for a student
€14 000 = operating cost for a class for one year at Kenswed including teachers, teaching, classrooms, equipment and water


Giving a one-time gift is an easy way to contribute to the foundation’s work. If you want a gift certificate to give away as a gift for someone’s birthday or other celebration, please email us at Give a gift that makes a real difference!

Payment options:


Banking information

Name of account: Insamlingsstiftelsen Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation
IBAN: SE10 6000 0000 0007 4546 7768
Bank Adress: Svenska Handelsbanken. S-106 70 Stockholm


In Kenya €40 is equivalent to breakfast, lunch and afternoon meal for 300 students, for one school day.

Donate this amount or more and we will turn it into food for our students in Africa. As a token of our appreciation we will send you one of our fashionable leather bracelets. These are available in black, brown, natural, grey or maron in sizes 18, 20 and 22 cm. The black bracelet is now also available in 16 cm.

We also have a special edition of our orange Eurovision-bracelet in size 20 and 22.

Please send and e-mail to and state your address and the preferred size and colour of the bracelet when making your donation.

Make your one time or monthly donation by using the PayPal button above. If you would like to make a bank transfer, please find above the needed information.


As a monthly donor, you will be one of our heroes who are helping us around the clock, throughout the year with the aim that the students at our schools will have the opportunity to create their own futures. It is you who provide the students with food during the school day. You also make sure that there are teachers, classrooms and equipment in our schools. You ensure that the students who have nothing get a bed to sleep in, and that there is clean water in our schools.

We fight every day for a better life for our students, and through your continuous support we can plan for long term solutions. You make sure that we are there today but also tomorrow. Thanks to the monthly donations we can work even more efficiently and an even bigger part of the funding goes directly to the purpose.

Become one of our heroes today! Just click the PayPal button to the left and sign up for monthly donations. You choose the amount you want to contribute with, and can cancel or change your monthly donation at any time.


A simple and fun way to contribute to ZBF is to start your own fundraiser. Maybe you want to get your friends involved, raise money in connection to an adventure, or for a celebration like your birthday or when you get married? On Facebook it is now possible to start your own fundraiser where you choose ZBF as the beneficiary organization. If you have questions about this, read more on Facebook or send your questions to