Our vision is that all young people should get the opportunity to discover and develop their talents so that they feel hope and can contribute to both their own and the surrounding society’s future. In order to do this in the best way possible, we need different types of partners who, through long-term and sustainable collaborations, increase the effects of the business. Being a partner to ZBF can take several forms and is something we tailor together. Size and long-term commitment determine visibility, activation and influence. The goal is for the collaboration to give you prouder employees, more satisfied customers and to create a brighter future for more young people. We welcome all from large and small companies to private individuals and organizations to join in and support youth’s opportunities to grow together with us at the Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation.


Below are three proposals for partnerships. See these as inspiration for continued and more in-depth conversations. Click here to find out more about the business areas that you can support in the partnership.

Main partner: from SEK 1,000,000/year for at least 3 years

As the main partner of ZBF, you participate in and support our entire operation as well as enable us to develop as an organization and thereby give more adolescents the opportunity to education in the long term. At this level you have the opportunity to tailor the cooperation according to suit your company. You get the right to communicate that your position as main partner and you will be made visible as such in all ZBF’s channels. In addition, we tailor communication packages, activate your employees and enable visits to program activities, events and networking meetings.

Partner: from SEK 250,000/year 

  • 1 year contract – at least SEK 500,000
  • 2 year contract – at least SEK 400,000/year
  • 3 year contract – at least SEK 250,000/year

As a partner you can choose to support one of our business areas. Depending on the area you choose you will get ZBF’s communication package focused on that particular area. You also get the right to communicate as a partner to ZBF, the opportunity to visit the program activities at cost price as well as invitations to events and network meetings.

Friendship company: from SEK 25,000/year

As a friend company to ZBF, you are involved in financing the operations of Kenswed Academy. Thanks to you we can ensure that students get the opportunity to find their driving force and get a good education! As a thank you, you get ZBF’s communication package and the right to communicate that you are a friend company to ZBF.

Keen to know more?

Contact General Secretary Magdalena Jennstål at magdalena.jennstal@zbfoundation.se to book a meeting and discuss how we together can give young people back their belief in the future!!

I would like to finish my studies at Kenswed and get a better grade to get in to a University and study law. I’d like to become a lawer so that I can fight for the rights of women and the rights of children. I want to fight and eradicate poverty that has very much struck our community and I’d like to give back to my society and also help people. Because in my community many people live in poverty, it’s hard conditions for girls so they are not getting educated. When I’m educated I’m going back to teach them. 
Noreen, student at Kenswed Academy
The impact already realized in the few years of Kenswed’s existence has been phenomenal, many children have changed their lives and that of their families. Education has a trickling effect, you educate one and the whole community benefits.
Isaac Macharia, founder and partner at Kenswed

Examples of costs in the Kenswed-model

250 SEK = cost per month for a female student accommodated at the boarding school including breakfast, dinner, hygiene items, security and a loving supervisor​

550 SEK = cost per month for a student attending Kenswed, including teachers, teaching, classrooms, equipment and water​

​800 SEK= cost for all (300) students to receive breakfast and lunch a day​

11 000 SEK = annual cost of university scholarship for a student including social support​

50 000 SEK = Kenswed Hospital’s monthly cost of operation, including salaries, medicine, water, sanitation and materials

250 000 SEK = operating costs for a class for one year at Kenswed Academy including teachers, classrooms, equipment, water​

*All costs are exclusive of collection and administrative costs, the currency can also increase costs​