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140 million young adults don’t have access to upper secondary education because of poverty, marginalization and lack of equality between the sexes. We want to make a change in youth losing hope for their future.
Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation strengthens marginalized youth in Africa through education and entrepreneurship all the way to self-subsistence. We see education as the key for a student to pave their way from poverty and marginalization and to give youth hope for a better tomorrow. Hope to get a say in their own life and future.

Christmas gifts

Give a gift to a loved one or friend, employees or customers, a gift that fills a school with hope and that makes a real difference. As a thank you for your gift, you will receive a digital card to send forward or to print out and set under the tree. As a company you will additionally get a digital certificate to hang on the wall or to post on digital platforms.
Christmas gift HOPE AND SAFETY 600 SEK- Give one month’s education for a girl at the Kenswed Academy upper secondary school and housing at the adjoined boarding facilities* including the boarding supervisor, teachers, classrooms, equipment, water and food.
Christmas gift HOPE 300 SEK – Give one month’s education for an adolescent at the Kenswed Academy secondary school including teachers, classrooms, equipment, water and food.

How do you fill a school with hope?

  1. Choose the type and number of christmas gifts you hope to give.
  2. Order the christmas gifts by contacting If you wish to tailor a christmas gift to meet your wishes, contact us so that we can figure out one together.
  3. You will get an invoice and a digital christmas card to your email. As a company you will additionally receive a digital certificate.
  4. Your christmas gifts are immediately sent to Kenswed Academy and Kenswed Boarding. There they will be molded into education, housing and hope for the future for youth that live in marginalization and poverty.

*It is first and foremost a risk for girls to get to school and back. Thus, today, 102 of our female students live at the Kenswed Boarding. On top of receiving a real bed with clean sheets, the girls learn to do their laundry, take care of their belongings and are taught about the importance of good hygiene.
Questions? Contact

Marginalized children and youth WILL receive an education, they WILL  get opportunities to develop their talents and they WILL be shown a way out of their marginalization. In this way, we do believe that the world becomes a better place for everyone to live in, which is why we started our foundation.

Måns Zelmerlöw and Jonas Björkman, founders, Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

together we create a better world!