The Kenyan authorities have decided to shut down all schools in the country for a limited time due to the global crisis caused by the corona virus. As a result, our Kenswed Academy was temporarily shut down as of on March 16th and the boarding school will unfortunately be closed as of today, March 18th. Together with Global Relations and the staff at Kenswed, we are doing everything within our power to best possible support the students and staff.

Kenswed Hospital

There are currently only 10 confirmed cases in Kenya, but the staff at Kenswed Hospital are taking the precautions necessary to keep themselves and the general public safe from the COVID-19 virus, as well as keeping the potential spreading of the virus to a minimum. One of the hospital’s fantastic nurses, Jackline, underwent a safety training under the Ministry of Health and has after that trained the remaining staff who are now aware of the important safety precautions that must be taken. All members of the staff are wearing face masks and have access to hand sanitizer. Every patient who visit the hospital must have their temperature taken and clean their hands before entering the hospital. People with fever and cough are being isolated in designated rooms while waiting for a trained doctor send by the government. The doctor then takes the patient to a designated government facility for further testing.


The permits in Ethiopia has finally been put into place to complete a school according to the Kenswed model, together with the Ethiopian world champion runner, Kenenisa Bekele, and Global Relations. We´ve hired a project manager and we have started to build a fence on the 3,3 hectares of land where the school will be built later this year. We have also started to hire guards and buy necessary material etc. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 has also reached Ethiopia, but it has only been a few confirmed cases at this point. Due to the insecurities regarding this situation, the government has decided to close down the schools and we have to slow down the timetable to complete the building of our school.


In Kenya 800 SEK is equivalent to two meals a day for 300 students. Your contribution improves the students’ quality of life!



Through education, we help adolescents to pave their way from slum and poverty all the way to employment and self-subsistence. Here you can read more about the Kenswed method and what we do. 



Are you a company that wants to support youth development? We welcome large and small companies and organizations to engage with us to contribute to a better life for our students.


Together, we give teenagers hope and opportunities to discover and develop their talents so that they can contribute to both their own and their society’s future.

Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation helps marginalized teenagers in parts of Africa to pave their way from exclusion and poverty and to employment and a sustainable livelihood. This is primarily done through education. Together with local partners, we locate young people in the slums and help them to educate themselves and find their talents and driving forces, which in turn gives them hope for the future. Because when young people feel hope, they contribute not only to their own development but also to the future of their surrounding society.

The impact already realized in the few years of Kenswed existence has been phenomenal, many children have changed their lives and that of their families. Education has a trickling effect, you educate one and the whole community benefits.

Isaac Macharia, founder and partner at Kenswed Academy
Jonas & Måns

Here you can read about how Måns and Jonas started the project.